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Pharmacy Inventory Management, Shift Officer

Monitors the turnover of medicine to the Pharmacy Department. Checks the quality, accuracy and turnover time of the preparation of medicines and encoding of transactions in the system.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Monitors the preparation of drugs by ensuring that these are prepared and labelled correctly (i.e., quantity, kind of drug, dosage form, and strength) and within the set time frame.
2. Monitors the storage and handling of drugs, supplies and hazardous materials (i.e. reagents acids, methanol, radioactive substances, etc.) to ensure that industry standards and safety protocols indicated in the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are met.
3. Monitors the encoding of transactions to ensure that these are done accurately and on a real time basis.
4. Reconciles all discrepancies in the handling, preparation and storage of drugs, encoding of transactions, turnover of drugs and other related activities.
5. Participates in inventory cycle counts facilitated by the Team Leader and reconciles all discrepancies found during this with the Inventory Planning & Control Officer.
6. Generates reports at the end of every shift and checks for encoding errors and missing entries.
7. Oversees the maintenance of accurate inventory records.

• Graduate of Pharmacy or any medical related course

Contact Us:
Phone: +63.2.8888.999 local 3652
Location: MMC Tower 3, 4th Flr. Keyland Center (at the back of MMC Tower 1 along dela Rosa Street)

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