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​Oncology Unit (Outpatient Ambulatory Infusion Unit)

In keeping with Makati Medical Center’s mission of continually improving its services, facilities, and processes, providing an out-patient facility that would allow the administration of chemotherapeutic and other associated drugs and agents for patients with neoplastic diseases was conceived to obviate the need to admit patients. This would prove more economical for our patients as they would no longer need to pay for one or more days of hospitalization. This would also be more pleasing to our patients as they would be able to go home after one or more hours of treatment.

The primary goal of the Oncology Unit is to deliver safe, efficient, and effective chemotherapy through competent, experienced, well-trained, and well-motivated health care providers that meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy on an out-patient basis.

The pride of our Oncology Unit is our staff of Oncology Nurses and Pharmacists. The staff provides comprehensive care for patients, their medical and treatment needs as well as emotional, social, and spiritual support in an atmosphere of relative tranquility. We intend to provide excellent medical, nursing, and pharmaceutical care as we believe our patients deserve to enjoy quality lives despite their illnesses. A multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, and social workers provide orientation and continuing education as well as moral and spiritual support through counseling and home visitations.

The Oncology Unit may be utilized for the administration of blood and blood products for the most part to patients who are on systemic chemotherapy and/or other therapies for neoplastic diseases. The Unit may also be utilized for administering other agents such as biological agents and agents for treating Hypercalcemia, bone Metastasis and the like.

Furniture and Fixtures per room
  • Reclining chairs/Bed
  • Television
  • IV Pole with Infusion Pump
In addition, Cytotoxic preparation room with a biological safety cabinet (class 2B with Hepafilter) for in-house preparation of chemotherapy drugs