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License Officer

Job Summary:

The License Officer monitors hospital licenses and accreditation and their timely renewal. He/She conducts spot audits to investigate compliance of units to applicable licensing and accreditation standards.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Collaborates and communicates with regulatory and accreditation bodies about issues and concerns regarding health care standards.
2. Assists Compliance Officer for Privacy and Data Protection Officer in ensuring proper data breach and security incident management of Makati Medical Center.
3.Reviews appropriateness of corrective actions formulated by departments/units in relation to gaps identified during Privacy Impact Assessment.
4. Assists departments and units in assessing readiness for licensing and accreditation surveys.
5. Participates in regulatory and accreditation standard -related acitivies.

Bachelor's Degree in any allied medical profession.
Eight (8) years of experience in the clinical field and/or quality assurance-related position

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