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Clinic for Anesthetic Pre-operative Evaluation (CAPE)
4th Floor, Tower 2
+632 8888 8999 local 3440

Service Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

The Clinic for Anesthetic Pre-operative Evaluation (CAPE) is a specialty clinic where patients are evaluated for their fitness to undergo anesthesia or deep sedation prior to undergoing a surgical procedure.  Risk assessment, education and optimum preparation for the anesthetic experience are put into place.
Benefits of a CAPE visit:
  • Enhances patient safety as a result of thorough scrutiny, improved preparation, and a better understanding of the anesthesia experience
  • Allows the healthcare team to formulate plans for operation, recovery and pain management
  • Reduces surgical cancellations due to unrecognized sources of complications
  • Decreases the cost of pre-operative care and improves the quality of the patient’s hospital experience
The Anesthesiologist at CAPE:
  • Conducts a preanesthetic evaluation which includes
    • Review of medical records
    • Patient interview
    • A directed physical examination, at a minimum to include an assessment of the development of the teeth, airway, lungs, and heart
    • Preoperative tests, when indicated
    • Other consultations, when appropriate
  • Explains and demonstrates relevant points to the patient
  • Formulates an appropriate anesthesia plan for the procedure the patient is to undergo
  • Undertakes an informed consent
  • Gives instructions about fasting, medication(s), and appropriate therapeutic measures