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Makati Medical Center offers a complete range of services for the appropriate diagnosis, treatment and management of heart diseases.

Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, or the Cardiac CathLab, is where surgical procedures on the heart and its great vessels are performed. The results of the procedures provide doctors with valuable information in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. Among the wide variety of percutaneous (through the skin) procedures include coronary angiography and angioplasty, coronary stent placement, insertion of intra-aortic balloon pump, implantation of automatic cardiac defibrillator and cardiac resynchronization therapy devices. All procedures are performed under local anesthesia by fully trained and experienced invasive and interventional cardiologists, supported by skilled specialized nurses and medical and radiology technologists.

Likewise, diagnostic imaging and therapeutic neurovascular procedures including placement of tiny stents for vascular aneurysms of the brain are performed at the unit by highly competent and experienced interventional neuroradiologists. The unit also has highly trained and proficient peripheral vascular interventionalists who perform endovascular aortic repair and stent placement for aneurysms of the aorta or aortic dissection. 

Heart Station
The Cardiovascular Diagnostic Laboratory, also known as the Heart Station, provides the environment and facilities for specialized diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis and evaluation of patients with known or suspected heart-related symptoms and disorders. 

It is staffed by highly experienced physicians, technologists, therapists, nurse and support staff who perform a comprehensive set of cardiac diagnostic procedures. All procedures are supervised by a board-certified cardiologist to ensure accurate results and excellent and safe quality patient care in a safe hospital environment.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
The center offers physician-directed cardiac rehabilitation with progressive exercise programs to help and guide patients to recover fully from a heart attack, coronary angioplasty, cardiac bypass surgery or other serious cardiac events in a safe and comfortable environment. Programs involve the active participation of the patient’s primary attending physician and a rehabilitation cardiologist.  Physical therapists and nurses supervise and monitor a patient’s exercise progress to ensure the safety and efficacy of the individualized rehabilitation program. Continuing patient medical education about their condition is regularly provided by the staff to enhance the patient’s participation and commitment towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Mariano Alimurung Center
In 2014, MakatiMed unveiled the Dr. Mariano M. Alimurung Center, located at the 4th Floor of MakatiMed’s Tower 1.

It is composed of the Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Neuro-Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (Acute Stroke Unit, Neurology Intensive Care Unit, Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit, and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit), Advanced Cardio-thoracic & Vascular Care Services (Cardiac Catheterization, Hemodynamics and Intervention, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Operating Rooms, and Cardiothoracic & Vascular Recovery Room), Cardiovascular Telemetry & Medical Step Down Unit, and the Mariano M. Alimurung Satellite Library.

Section Chief: Saturnino P. Javier, MD