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Location and contact details
Inpatient Pharmacy: 9th Floor Tower 1
Outpatient Pharmacy: Ground Floor Tower 1
+632 8888 8999 locals 2942 (Inpatient) and 2113 (Outpatient)

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Service Hours:
Daily, 24 Hours

The MakatiMed Pharmacy Services provides inpatient and outpatient-oriented services, medication dispensing, preparation of drug products prescribed by doctors (extemporaneous compounding), provision of drug information and educational services, and inventory control.
MakatiMed pharmacists implement vital measures and tested procedures that minimize, if not completely eliminate, any adverse drug effects. They are responsible for the quality, safety, purity, and efficacy of all medications that are administered to patients.
Head: Hazel Faye R. Docuyanan, RPh, MS